Sunrise and Sunsets

For years peo­ple have asked me why I always get up so ear­ly and nev­er take to oppor­tu­ni­ty to sleep in. The answer is very sim­ple, I hate to miss a sun­rise. For me it’s like a greet­ing card from God that says “Good Morn­ing David! Wait till I show you anoth­er beau­ti­ful ver­sion of my cre­ation!” I have been known to get up at 2:00am so I could dri­ve and hike to my des­ti­na­tion in Yosemite to pho­to­graph the sun as it pops into view just behind Half Dome. The rays of light strike across the moun­tain and rock for­ma­tions in all direc­tions as the new morn­ing light seems to wake the the for­est ani­mals. The birds all want to make their voic­es heard, and morn­ing has bro­ken into a new day of activ­i­ty. Liv­ing in the city of Fres­no was actu­al­ly quite sim­i­lar with its sun­rise, espe­cial­ly on days when the air qual­i­ty was good. The Sier­ra Neva­da moun­tains seemed to move in 50 miles clos­er. Add a lit­tle small band of clouds and the sun­rise would fill the sky with such awe­some shades of reds, and orange that could stretch for miles and miles. I hate to miss beau­ty of any kind, as it inspires me, and fills me with joy, so catch­ing the sun­rise every chance I could, actu­al­ly kick start­ed my day of being filled with joy.

Dis­claimer to Pho­to — This pho­to was tak­en with my Black­ber­ry Phone and not my Nikon

Flo­rence Ore­gon Sunset


Things have changed over the past cou­ple of years where I can’t always catch the sun­rise as I once did. Mov­ing to a new loca­tion brought changes to my work sched­ule where I am forced to sleep through some of my sun­rise greet­ings. It has been said that God opens a win­dow when He has to shut a door, and for me a win­dow of sun­sets has been opened. Liv­ing on the coast brings awe­some sun­sets. Just like sun­ris­es, you have to stop what you are doing and look for that sun­set. They are like God has tak­en the sky as His can­vas and paint­ed a brand new pic­ture for us. Sun­rise and sun­sets for me, will always be like ros­es that you have to stop and smell.

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  1. SandyP says:

    I wish I was more of a morn­ing per­son. Your tales of sun­rise accom­pa­nied by your beau­ti­ful pho­tog­ra­phy inspires me. You are BLESSED to live where sun­ris­es and sun­sets are so glo­ri­ous! I could look at your pho­tos of sun­sets every day for the rest of my life! (Hint: more please?)

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