Oregon’s Paradise Coast.…Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

At The Beach

My wife and I have lived in Ore­gon for four years now. The first three years we sur­vived on my min­i­mum wage job, along with Tami’s very small Social Secu­ri­ty Dis­abil­i­ty check, so was pret­ty much stuck from ven­tur­ing out beyond my bud­get. Through the grace of God, our finan­cial needs are met, and am out with my cam­era, once again shoot­ing the beau­ti­ful land­scapes and writ­ing about them. I write this because I have been known to express some neg­a­tive opin­ions about where I live to a very dear pho­tog­ra­ph­er friend Sandy Pow­ers, who vis­it­ed Ore­gon for the first time about five years ago. She always tells me I live in Par­adise, and if I had to live in San Anto­nio like her, every place green would be par­adise.  Well I final­ly dis­cov­ered the par­adise that she first saw and fell in love with when she jour­neyed to Can­non Beach, Ore­gon. Oh what a gor­geous beach and excit­ing coastal town full, of shops of every kind. So many pho­tos have been tak­en of the icon­ic rocks that tow­er out of the ocean waters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ore­gon and the green lush beau­ty that is all around me. I just hap­pen to live in the gate­way of wind and fog. My only need is to move two miles east, then I will live in par­adise, right here in Florence.


The nice thing about being retired is the fact I don’t have to be in a hur­ry to be any­where oth­er than my many mul­ti­ple trips to the Port­land VA Med­ical cen­ter. I can usu­al­ly count on a trip every six weeks to have my eye exam­ined, with usu­al­ly an injec­tion into it, to com­bat my wet mac­u­lar degen­er­a­tion. For three weeks in a row I have had to take the three hour trip, two for some­thing dif­fer­ent than my eye. Hooray, that means I can take my cam­era and take the long way home. That’s exact­ly how I got to Can­non Beach. The waters were clear where you could see the ocean floor while perched high above. As I was leav­ing this loca­tion of Eco­la State Park, I missed get­ting a wildlife shot that would have been both impres­sive as still shots and even bet­ter as a video. As I drove out I stopped and watched elk, first one, then a sec­ond, and a third, forth, fifth, sixth, and final­ly the sev­enth that was just a tod­dler, all mak­ing a leap­ing jump to the oth­er side of the road. All I could do was stop and smile at all beau­ty I had witnessed.


This would be a pho­tog­ra­phers dream to be here at sun­set and a low tide to be able to posi­tion your­self to cap­ture these huge rocks being hit with the set­ting sun. This will be anoth­er trip when Tami can be with me and we are spend­ing a cou­ple of nights here.


As I was head­ing out to start my jour­ney home I just had to get one last pho­to show­ing the suns glim­mer­ing light as it starts get­ting ready to find rest­ing place for anoth­er day. I can’t hard­ly wait to make anoth­er trip to par­adise at Can­non Beach.


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  1. Sandy Powers says:

    Ohmy­good­ness! What breath­tak­ing pho­tos of a place that brings back such spe­cial mem­o­ries! It makes me so long to get back there! Thanks for shar­ing! And YES! You and Tami HAVE to go at sun­set. I’ve nev­er seen any­thing like what hap­pens to that beach at sun­set! The very air turns into a thick fog­gy orange — giv­ing you this sur­re­al sense that you are walk­ing around in an over-pho­to­shopped dream — but its real! Until then, though… These glo­ri­ous pho­tos will do! ??. And you DO live in par­adise… So blog away about it!!! ??

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