Oregon Waterfalls

What can I say but, I love water­falls!!! Actu­al­ly I don’t know of any­one who does­n’t love them, but how often do we make it a pri­or­i­ty to vis­it them. In Ore­gon, there is a pletho­ra of water­falls, most with­in a few hour dri­ve from my place to get to a trail­head. My mis­sion for as long as my legs will work, is to hike to as many Ore­gon water­falls as pos­si­ble, to cap­ture their image, not only in my mind, but with my cam­era. There is just some­thing spe­cial about wit­ness­ing the beau­ty God has cre­at­ed in water­falls. As many water­falls there are to cap­ture, this will take many years, so hope­ful­ly it will keep me in shape also.

_DMP4018Mult­nom­ah Falls is prob­a­bly the most pho­tographed water­fall in Ore­gon, I think main­ly due to the very easy access to get to this spot. It’s report­ed that over 2 mil­lion peo­ple vis­it this fall each year. In this pho­to the water­fall is pret­ty slen­der, how­ev­er in a good rain sea­son it is much larg­er. In a very cold win­ter, I have seen pho­tos of the water com­plete­ly frozen. I know I will return here often to cap­ture anoth­er and bet­ter shot.






Bridal Veil Falls, also along the Colum­bia Riv­er Gorge, is one of those water­falls that is near a road but not vis­i­ble with­out a short 20 minute hike for some­one with two good legs. This hike was my first attempt to push my semi-par­a­lyzed leg to work. The next day I could wig­gle my big toe which gave me great hope that it could heal. It was worth every step to see this beau­ti­ful fall.


Latourell Falls is a 249ft water­fall also along the Colum­bia Riv­er Gorge. It is some­what vis­i­ble from the park­ing area off the His­toric Colum­bia Riv­er High­way, but it is a ‘must hike to’ type of water­fall if you want to real­ly enjoy its beau­ty. There is an upper Latourell falls that was a bit more of a chal­lenge for me to hike at that point. It will be on my list to hike in the future.






Koosah Falls in the Willamette Nation­al For­est on the McKen­zie Riv­er is anoth­er one of my favorites. Actu­al­ly I love the whole area along the McKen­zie Riv­er. There is a 21 mile biking/hiking nar­row path that runs along the riv­er and through old growth for­est. It is one of the top spots in the nation for a moun­tain bike trail and is vis­it­ed by many bik­ers dur­ing the sum­mer. I have trav­eled most of the trail on my bike, although not in one day as some rid­ers do.













_DMC4617-1Sahalie Falls is the first and tallest falls along the McKen­zie Riv­er. The riv­er itself orig­i­nates a few miles up the road out of Clear lake. The riv­er main­tains a large flow of water year round due to one of the lager aquifers. That aquifer is fed through runoff from the huge lava flows, which is a real site to see also. So much to view in this area.

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  1. Jack says:

    Hey David.… Beau­ti­ful pic­ture Dave, you real­ly got the touch! 

    Hope­ful­ly will see you and Tam­mi tonight.

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