Siuslaw River

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The beautiful Siuslaw River that you see here flows right next to our Old Town in Florence, then curves around passing our home, just before dumping its waters into the pacific ocean. Because of the tides, the rivers elevation changes daily. … Continue reading

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Christmas Unwrapped

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I love Christmas! Not for the frenzy time that Christmas brings for most people as they are out in the shopping malls. They start out fighting for parking spaces just so they can join the thousands trying to find that great … Continue reading

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Who’s Home Is It Anyway?

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Living in the city of Fresno, California, we never had wildlife enter our yard other than the occasional squirrel that would sit in a tree and taunt our dog with its chatter. We had lots of Morning Doves eating grass … Continue reading

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Our Best Friends

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It’s amazing the amount of conversations people have about their dogs, or probably more correct, with our dogs. It’s really no surprise, as our family pets do become a intricate part of each of our families. We each talk to our pets … Continue reading

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