Oregon’s Paradise Coast….Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

At The Beach

My wife and I have lived in Oregon for four years now. The first three years we survived on my minimum wage job, along with Tami’s very small Social Security Disability check, so was pretty much stuck from venturing out beyond my budget. Through the grace of God, our financial needs are met, and am out with my camera, once again shooting the beautiful landscapes and writing about them. I write this because I have been known to express some negative opinions about where I live to a very dear photographer friend Sandy Powers, who visited Oregon for the first time about five years ago. She always tells me I live in Paradise, and if I had to live in San Antonio like her, every place green would be paradise.  Well I finally discovered the paradise that she first saw and fell in love with when she journeyed to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Oh what a gorgeous beach and exciting coastal town full, of shops of every kind. So many photos have been taken of the iconic rocks that tower out of the ocean waters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon and the green lush beauty that is all around me. I just happen to live in the gateway of wind and fog. My only need is to move two miles east, then I will live in paradise, right here in Florence.


The nice thing about being retired is the fact I don’t have to be in a hurry to be anywhere other than my many multiple trips to the Portland VA Medical center. I can usually count on a trip every six weeks to have my eye examined, with usually an injection into it, to combat my wet macular degeneration. For three weeks in a row I have had to take the three hour trip, two for something different than my eye. Hooray, that means I can take my camera and take the long way home. That’s exactly how I got to Cannon Beach. The waters were clear where you could see the ocean floor while perched high above. As I was leaving this location of Ecola State Park, I missed getting a wildlife shot that would have been both impressive as still shots and even better as a video. As I drove out I stopped and watched elk, first one, then a second, and a third, forth, fifth, sixth, and finally the seventh that was just a toddler, all making a leaping jump to the other side of the road. All I could do was stop and smile at all beauty I had witnessed.


This would be a photographers dream to be here at sunset and a low tide to be able to position yourself to capture these huge rocks being hit with the setting sun. This will be another trip when Tami can be with me and we are spending a couple of nights here.


As I was heading out to start my journey home I just had to get one last photo showing the suns glimmering light as it starts getting ready to find resting place for another day. I can’t hardly wait to make another trip to paradise at Cannon Beach.


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  1. Sandy Powers says:

    Ohmygoodness! What breathtaking photos of a place that brings back such special memories! It makes me so long to get back there! Thanks for sharing! And YES! You and Tami HAVE to go at sunset. I’ve never seen anything like what happens to that beach at sunset! The very air turns into a thick foggy orange – giving you this surreal sense that you are walking around in an over-photoshopped dream – but its real! Until then, though… These glorious photos will do! ??. And you DO live in paradise… So blog away about it!!! ??

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