Oregon Waterfalls

What can I say but, I love waterfalls!!! Actually I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love them, but how often do we make it a priority to visit them. In Oregon, there is a plethora of waterfalls, most within a few hour drive from my place to get to a trailhead. My mission for as long as my legs will work, is to hike to as many Oregon waterfalls as possible, to capture their image, not only in my mind, but with my camera. There is just something special about witnessing the beauty God has created in waterfalls. As many waterfalls there are to capture, this will take many years, so hopefully it will keep me in shape also.

_DMP4018Multnomah Falls is probably the most photographed waterfall in Oregon, I think mainly due to the very easy access to get to this spot. It’s reported that over 2 million people visit this fall each year. In this photo the waterfall is pretty slender, however in a good rain season it is much larger. In a very cold winter, I have seen photos of the water completely frozen. I know I will return here often to capture another and better shot.






Bridal Veil Falls, also along the Columbia River Gorge, is one of those waterfalls that is near a road but not visible without a short 20 minute hike for someone with two good legs. This hike was my first attempt to push my semi-paralyzed leg to work. The next day I could wiggle my big toe which gave me great hope that it could heal. It was worth every step to see this beautiful fall.


Latourell Falls is a 249ft waterfall also along the Columbia River Gorge. It is somewhat visible from the parking area off the Historic Columbia River Highway, but it is a ‘must hike to’ type of waterfall if you want to really enjoy its beauty. There is an upper Latourell falls that was a bit more of a challenge for me to hike at that point. It will be on my list to hike in the future.






Koosah Falls in the Willamette National Forest on the McKenzie River is another one of my favorites. Actually I love the whole area along the McKenzie River. There is a 21 mile biking/hiking narrow path that runs along the river and through old growth forest. It is one of the top spots in the nation for a mountain bike trail and is visited by many bikers during the summer. I have traveled most of the trail on my bike, although not in one day as some riders do.













_DMC4617-1Sahalie Falls is the first and tallest falls along the McKenzie River. The river itself originates a few miles up the road out of Clear lake. The river maintains a large flow of water year round due to one of the lager aquifers. That aquifer is fed through runoff from the huge lava flows, which is a real site to see also. So much to view in this area.

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