Christmas Unwrapped

I love Christmas! Not for the frenzy time that Christmas brings for most people as they are out in the shopping malls. They start out fighting for parking spaces just so they can join the thousands trying to find that great bargain on that perfect Christmas gift. I learned a long time ago not to be part of that group, however because I love people and people watching, it is fun just to sit and watch people during this time and see their different facial expressions. In recent years, I have noticed more and more parents, with their children in hand, out shopping for their Christmas presents. Is there no meaning to Christmas?

Is Christmas more than just presents? With out a doubt, it is for me. It’s a time of reflection as I think about how in scripture the old testament spoke of this birth, a savour that would be born, long before it ever happened. Can you imagine waiting each year wondering when this birth would take place, and then the excitement when the news spread that our savour was born. There were no people with Blackberrys, or Ipods, or any news crews to spread the word, but God Himself nine months before the birth sent His angel to Mary to let her know she was chosen to carry God’s gift to us.

In one of the more recent Christmas songs, “Mary Did You Know?”, the words ask the question, Mary did you know, that when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God. I’m sure she did!  Jesus was our gift God had promised many years before. At Christmas we need to slow down and hold that gift God unwrapped for each of us. Jesus, our gift from God.

As I prepare each year for Christmas, I start the process of grabbing all the containers stored away in the attic that carry all our decorations. It’s amazing how each year those boxes get a little heavier and a little fuller. Inside those boxes are many memories of Christmas past, and many special gifts my mom has made. It’s like a treasure hunt each year as I unwrap these special hand-made gifts we have received. Mom has so many talents when it comes to sewing and painting, and even poetry. All these gifts adorn our home. Some stay up year round, while others are packed away with as much loving care as she put into them. One of Tami and my very favorite Christmas gifts are a family of carolers around a light pole. Each figure is cut out by hand, then painted and dressed with the clothes she sewed for each of them. Each beautiful little face, with open mouths as they sing about the birth of Jesus. This blog is to say “Thank You” mom, for all the love you give, and the special Christmas gifts that I unwrap each year that mean the world to me.

To all that read this, may God Himself bless you beyond measure.

Merry Christmas!


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2 Responses to Christmas Unwrapped

  1. SandyP says:

    Awesome read, Dave. I read a fabulous book once called “The Sacred Romance.” about how God’s love for us, when it is right, fills us with a sense of that euphoric “all is well with the world” feeling we chase so hard after. I’ve realized as the Christmas season starts up this year that all the “magic” that merchants try to create at Christmas with the lights and songs and….. is simply their way to fill us with the illusion of that “romance”. But if we don’t already HAVE that romance, it makes us feel empty and still aching for it. But if we DO, the magic of Christmas is not an illusion… it is real, and all the lights and music and Christmas stories enhance that romance. It sounds like you get it — so I rejoice with you in your Divine Romance with the creator of what Christmas is all about!

  2. Great post and well stated. Christmas is about Him, but the person who remains me most of Him, is my mom.

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